Booth 1173

Tanya Leighton Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at The Armory Show 2010 (March 4 - 7, VIP preview March 3), booth 1173, Pier 94, Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street, New York in the new section Armory Focus: Berlin.

We will present a rotating programme of solo exhibitions by five of our gallery artists:

Wednesday 3 March (preview): Sharon Hayes
Thursday 4 March: John Smith
Friday 5 March: Pavel Büchler
Saturday 6 March: Dan Rees
Sunday 7 March: Gregor Hylla

For the preview, on Wednesday 3 March, New York-based artist Sharon Hayes will exhibit IN THE NEAR FUTURE, LONDON (2008).  This multiple-slide-projection installation is a performance-based artwork in which Hayes stages anachronistic and speculative protest actions in an ongoing investigation into the figure of the protestor, the speech act of the protest sign and the contemporary political construction of public space and public speech. A new video installation by Hayes, titled PAROLE (2010), can also be seen in the Whitney Biennial until 30 May.

On the following day, Thursday 4 March, we will present three seminal films by legendary British artist-filmmaker John Smith: ASSOCIATIONS (1975); THE GIRL CHEWING GUM (1976); and OM (1986). 'The films of John Smith conduct a serious investigation into the combination of sound and image, but with a sense of humour that reaches out beyond the traditional avant-garde audience. His films move between narrative and absurdity, constantly undermining the traditional relationship between the visual and the aural. By blurring the perceived boundaries of experimental film, fiction, and documentary, Smith never delivers what he has led the spectator to expect.' - Mark Webber (film curator).

On Friday 5 March, influential artist, teacher,  occasional writer, and Northern Art Prize winner, Pavel Büchler, will present a recent sound sculpture, LOU REED LIVE (2008), a selection of drawings including ACID & NICOTINE (The French - Sartre, Barthes, Camus, Cocteau, Gide, Godard, Prévert) (2009), and NATURWISSENSCHAFTLICHE SCHRIFTEN (2006/2009). LOU REED LIVE is extracted from a live recording of a Velvet Underground gig in 1978 and played as a loop on an old tape recorder, the barely audible sound of a match lighting a cigarette turns a brief moment of anticipation into an endless deferral. This temporal shift is echoed in the counter-intuitive use of the playback where the microphone is the source of the reproduced sound and listening becomes a stage for fantasies of intimacy, personal memories and obscure cultural references.

Dan Rees will exhibit three new PLASTICINE PAINTINGS (2010), on Saturday 6 March. At the forefront of a new generation of British artists, Berlin-based Rees, humourously and light-heartedly combines the personal and anecdotal within a wider art historical context.

Sunday 7 March will feature a selection of recent paintings by the German artist Gregor Hylla. Hylla's unique approach compines geometric abstraction and colour field painting with Constructivist influences.

For more information or images please contact: or telephone: +49 151 50 45 35 68 or +1 347 92 52 0123 (between March 3–7)

poster by Dan Rees