12 April - 27 July 2014
The Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas


The Goss-Michael Foundation is pleased to present an exhibition by British-born Dan Rees. Rees is the first ‘resident’ artist to live for a selected period of time in Dallas and create original work for the Foundation as part of the 2013 Artist in Residency program. Rees plays with the boundaries between what can be considered painting, installation and sculpture and focuses on the process-related aspects of his work. He uses subtle and explicit strategies of appropriation, often with humour to challenge the dominant narrative of art history. 

Currently living and working in Berlin, he chooses to work not with the glamorous low art elements of pop art, but rather elements associated with the grim working class of suburbia where he grew up. His work carries nostalgic elements of both intimate and collective memory. By taking his materials from the real world with its popular cultural references and messy, dirty materials, Rees pushes the barriers between high and low art to move away from the hermeticism and elitism of the art world. Rees often uses materials that are not usually used for “fine art,” such as plasticine and artex. Plasticine is a putty-like modeling material used extensively for children’s play, but also as a modeling medium for sculpture. Artex is a material that was used widely in the ‘70s for house decoration to create the familiar textured finish of that period. Imbued with elements of nostalgia and cultural history, both mediums are chosen for the strong references and then used paradoxically as the actual medium for “fine art.” 

Dan Rees studied at the Staatliche Hochschule fur Bildende Künste Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main 2007 through 2009 and graduated in 2004 from Camberwell College of Arts in London.

Dan Rees, ‘Gravelmaster’, 2014
Installation view, Goss Michael Foundation, Dallas

Dan Rees
‘Gravelmaster’, 2014
Oil on canvas, pebble dash
120 x 120 cm