Tanya Leighton, ed.; published by Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, 2010.

AS SO CI ATIONS brings together a range of works by an international group of artists to explore relationships between language, narrative, the iconic image, subjectivity, and the powerfully manipulative power of cinema.

This exhibition takes as its starting point the 1975 film of the same name by John Smith. Smith’s film sets images and words together and against one another, exploiting ambiguities inherent in the English language to simultaneously create and destroy meaning. Additional works by Smith, Marcel Broodthaers, Matthew Buckingham, Pavel Büchler, Sharon Hayes and Michael Snow dismantle, re-order, cast adrift and embody language in order to draw out its conceptual, aesthetic and political potential.

The exhibition draws attention to the spaces between words, and many of the artists are concerned with gaps – in communication, in history, in the construction and reception of the projected image. They deploy a wide variety of both current and technically ‘obsolete’ media, including 16mm film, 35mm slide, digital and VHS video. The works’ inherent temporality and historical contingency undermines the authority and authenticity of language, reconquering the space of its imagination or asking something of the ideological, political and social conditions in which we live.

14 pp; colour
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