Sharon Hayes
‘9 Scripts from a Nation at War’, 2007

‘Script: Actor: And you just go on. And you just go on.’

Running time: 17 mins

Memories, terms and definitions from material found throughout the project are put through a more transparent process of rehearsal and drilling. Actors are pictured learning scripts from people involved in the war, and trying to commit to memory charged and confusing definitions from the “war on terror,” including “torture,” “enemy combatant,” and “habeas corpus.” These fragmented, imperfect readings reflect the process through which individuals encounter the limited knowledge of war provided in language, and how terminology, changing definitions, and new forms of speech enter into circuits of use.

Actors: Joseph Turkel, Hardhi Harris, Jack Hayflick, Fiona Horrigan, James Kaliardos, Carol Neiman, Sangeeta Parekh, Marguerite Plekhanov, Patricia Thomas, Tammy Tunyavongs, Andrea Weston

Sharon Hayes,
‘9 Scripts from a Nation at War’, 2003
(video still from ‘Script: Actor: And you just go on. And you just go on.’)