26 March - 24 April 2010
PREVIEW 25 March, 6 - 9 pm

"Let us mention some of the virtues of an enlightened man: An enlightened man is an optimist.  An enlightened man is brave, daring and fearless, but he is not a fool. He is brave, daring and fearless are the result of his clear vision and understanding of reality. He can move quickly. He forgives, but is vigilant and watchful of your next move. He trusts you, but does not initiate you into a labour for which you are not ready. An enlightened man has neither friends, favourites, or enemies, only co-workers. For him the important goal is the Plan, and whoever is capable of forwarding the working out of the Plan is his co-worker." - Torkom Saraydarian, The Hidden Glory of the Inner Man.

"Thus, it is difficult for any individual man to work himself out of the immaturity that has all but become his nature. He has even become fond of this state and for the time being is actually incapable of using his own understanding, for no one has ever allowed him to attempt it. Rules and formulas, those mechanical aids to the rational use, or rather misuse, of his natural gifts, are the shackles of a permanent immaturity. Whoever threw them off would still make only an uncertain leap over the smallest ditch, since he is unaccustomed to this kind of free movement. Consequently, only a few have succeeded, by cultivating their own minds, in freeing themselves from immaturity and pursuing a secure course." - Immanuel Kant, An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?
Colombian artist Lucas Ospina (b. Bogotá, 1971), well known for his work under the guise of Pedro Manrique Figueroa — the fictional precursor of collage in Colombia — also writes for many publications and is a professor of Visual Arts at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, and co-founding-editor of Valdez magazine (recently included in documenta 12).