David Diao – Kin
Jonas Lipps - WIWI FOOD (Off-site)
Julia Rommel - Twin Bed
Nothing Will Be As Before - Ten Years of Tanya Leighton
Oliver Laric - Year of the Dog
Jonas Lipps
Marianne Wex - Let's Take Back Our Space
Martin Boyce, Gabriel Kuri, Liz Magor - The Undercover Economist
Oliver Osborne - On Swabian Hedonism
Math Bass - Domino Kingdom
Pharmacy for Idiots
Steps to Aeration - curated by Sarah McCrory
Van Hanos - Awake at the Funeral
Life & Opinions - Pavel Büchler, Jef Geys, Sarah Kürten, Ariane Müller, Studio for Propositional Cinema in collaboration with Galerie Max Mayer
Monday is a Day Between Sunday and Tuesday
Dan Rees - Ruins of the Cambrian Age
Group show - Andrea Büttner, Alejandro Cesarco, Jason Dodge, Van Hanos
Borna Sammak - No Hanging Out
Studio for Propositional Cinema - (TO THE SPECTATOR:)
Pavel Büchler - Geometry, Physics and the Science of Life
Aleksandra Domanović, Bulls Without Horns
Sanya Kantarovsky, In the Gutter
the collapse of the mind’s ordering system leads to some rather wanton developments
Sam Anderson, Endless Love
Jamian Juliano-Villani, Nudge the Judge
Bruce McLean, Urban Turban: A moving picture + A well and carefully peeled potato: A still painting
Bill Lynch
No Joke
Studio for Propositional Cinema, We Will Be Playing Here Every Day Until The End Of The World
Jimmy Robert, It's not lame...it's Lamé
Wyatt Kahn
Dan Rees, Stimulate Surprise
Oliver Laric
Pavel Büchler, Back to Work
Van Hanos, Not The Way
Studio for Propositional Cinema
Pablo Larios, Celebrity Interviews with Tom Kummer
Claus Rasmussen, I found over the years that a good place to work is between 240 and 250
Robert and Trix Haussmann, Friedrich Kuhn
Derek Boshier, Change
Morning and Evening Asylum
Kirsty Bell: The Artist's House
Sharon Hayes, Public Appearances
Dan Rees, Space Invaders 2
Day Before This Place
Portikus Under Construction
Aleksandra Domanović, The Future Was at Her Fingertips
Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff, Nudes in Tanya Leighton's Storage, New Theater Prototypes
Dan Rees
John Smith, Object Lessons
Bruce McLean, Time-Based Painting
Sanya Kantarovsky, Dear Dilettante
ASIATACO - Proyectos Monclova
David Levine, Light Matter / Performance
David Diao: Franklin Street, 5th fl, 1974-2012
Alejandro Cesarco, The Early Years
Oliver Laric, Be water my friend
Aleksandra Domanović & Sharon Hayes, Proyectos Monclova
John Smith, Slow Glass
Sean Edwards, Remaining Only
The Intellectual Work: Enzo Mari (with Pavel Büchler, Jason Dodge, Tim Rollins + K.O.S.)
Grouped Show
The Confidence-Man
Bruce McLean, Waiter Waiter Curator Curator
End Note
AS SO CI ATIONS, Kettle's Yard Cambridge
Dan Rees, French Cricket
John Smith, Flag Mountain / Black Tower
The Way We Do Art Now
Lucas Ospina, The Enlightened / Die Aufgeklärten / Los ilustrados
Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri, The Meaning of Everything One Step Forward Two Steps Back
Gregor Hylla, The Class On Prophecy Has Been Cancelled Due To Unforeseen Circumstances
Alejandro Cesarco, 3 Works
Gregor Hylla, Get A Knife Between Your Teeth
Nils Bech, Bendik Giske, Lina Viste Grønli, Look Back
Sean Edwards & Dan Rees, Somewhere Near The Black Mountain Hills
Aurélien Gamboni, The Big Picture
7 x 2: Lucas Ospina, You Are Insatiable
Ian White, IBIZA
Pavel Büchler, L’imitation
David Diao, Best Laid Plans
September Show
Sharon Hayes, In the Near Future